Module Objectives:

Ability to ensure passenger saftey and comfort. Regulations governing the carriage of passengers. Prevention of crimilality and trafficking with illegal immigrants and the regulations governing the carriage of passengers.


  • Passeger Comfort and Safety, include smooth braking and stopping and considered behaviour.
  • How to load the vehicle.
  • Dealing with illegal immigrants and prevention of criminality and trafficking.
  • Responsibility of the driver and the Company.
  • Regulations which govern the carriage of passengers on a bus. (R.P.T.O Licence).
  • Safety equipment on a bus, seat belts and vehicle loads.

Key Learnings:

As a result of this training the trainee driver will understand:

  • Anticipatory driving and smooth braking for passenger safety and comfort.
  • Considered behaviour on the road and passenger interaction.
  • Dealing with disabled passengers, children and vulnerable adults.
  • Managing difficult customers and bad passenger behaviour.
  • Vehicle stability and handling.
  • The distribution of passenger and baggage/cargo loads.
  • Forces affecting vehicles in motion.
  • International criminality and crossborder trafficking.
  • General information regarding driver implications and preventative measures.
  • Transport Operator liability legislation.
  • Anti theft and security measures on a bus.
  • Legislation for safe carriage of passengers within the European Union.
  • Use of gearbox ratios according to vehicle load and road profile.
  • Calculation of payload of vehicle or assembly and load distribution.
  • Consequences of overloading the axle, vehicle stability and centre of gravity
  • Types of packing and pallets
  • Sign-posting of vehicle with special loads.
  • Information on security and the responsibilities of the driver and operator liability.
  • Conditions for acquiring road haulage operator licence and multilateral agreements.
  • The economic environment of road haulage and market organisation.