Module 5 – The Professional Truck Driver

Module Objectives:

Ability to load the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use and the prevention of crime with respect to trafficking of illegal immigrants. The carriage of goods and the Economic Environment. This module is broken into four sections.


  • Forces affecting vehicles in motion and use of gearbox ratios according to vehicle load.
  • Calculation of payload of vehicle or assembly.
  • Calculation of total volume, load distribution and consequences of overloading the axle. 
  • Vehicle stability, centre of gravity and types of packaging and pallets.
  • Main categories of goods needing securing, clamping and securing techniques.
  • International and Cross border criminality and traffickng.
  • Transport operating licences.
  • Carriage of Foodstuffs and other goods.
  • Customs inspections and customs documentation.
  • Economical Transport Cost analysis and calculation.

Key Learnings:

As a result of this training the trainee driver will understand:

  • Forces affecting vehicles in motion.
  • Use of gearbox ratios according to vehicle load and road profile.
  • Calculation of payload of vehicle or assembly and load distribution.
  • Consequences of overloading the axle, vehicle stability and centre of gravity
  • Types of packing and pallets
  • Sign-posting of vehicle with special loads.
  • Information on security and the responsibilities of the driver and operator liability.
  • Conditions for acquiring road haulage operator licence and multilateral agreements.
  • The economic environment of road haulage and market organisation.