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This page contains information for all our training courses.  You can find out more information and register for upcoming courses by clicking on the 'Read more/register' link for each course.

Manual Handling Training Course

Course content

  • Manual Handling Legislation
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Anatomy, Structure & Functions of the spine
  • Posture & Back Pain
  • Ergonomics
  • Dynamic/Static Work Awareness
  • Techniques of Safe Manual Handling
  • Practical Lifting Exercises
  • Duties of Employees
  • Duties of Employers
  • Risk Assessment
No dates scheduled

Digital Tachograph Training


This course is aimed at new and existing drivers who need to have a full grounding in the use of digital tachograph systems.


  • Legislation and tachograph use
  • Using the new digital tachograph system
  • Functionality of the digital tachograph
  • Printouts and manual entries
  • Saving information and logging hours
  • Driver responsibilities and legal obligations
  • Practical demonstration on Tachograph Simulator
No dates scheduled

CPC Driver Training Course


This course was introduced in Ireland in conjunction with the Road Safety Authority (RSA) to set and maintain high standards of road safety and driving skills among professional bus and truck drivers.


Control of vehicle and Eco driving techniques 7h
Minimising Risks and Managing Emergencies 7h
Health and safety of the professional driver 7h
Role of the professional driver in transport industry 7h
The professional truck driver 7h
The professional bus driver 7h

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Course modules

Module 1 Control of Vehicle & Eco-Driving TechniquesRead more/register
Module 3 Health and Safety of the Professional DriverRead more/register
Module 2. Minimising Risks and Managing EmergenciesRead more/register
Module 4. Role of the Professional Driver in the Transport IndustryRead more/register
Module 5 The Professional Truck DriverRead more/register
Module 6. The Professional Bus DriverNo dates scheduled

Fire Safety Training


Under current legislation laid out in the Fire Services Act 1981 and Safety in Industry Acts 1995 and 1980, all persons employed to work in a premises should be given genuine and adequate instruction and training in the procedure to adopt in the event of a fire.


  • Principles of Fire Safety.
  • Legislation and procedures.
  • Fire and smoke spread dangers
  • First steps on suspicion of fire
  • Evacuation procedures, emergency services
  • Means of escape
  • Safe use of fire blankets and fire extinguishers
  • Practical use and experience of fire extinguishers


1 Day

No dates scheduled

Hazardous Chemicals Training


This course is designed to give drivers a thorough understanding of the legislation pertaining to hazardous substances in a workplace, concepts of chemicals as well as their hazardous properties and characteristics.


  • Legislation including the new REACH Regulation
  • Health effects and safe working levels
  • Classification of dangerous substances
  • Material safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • The use of PPE and spill kits
  • Spillage response exercise and recommended actions / procedures
  • Storage and handling of dangerous substances
  • Transportation of dangerous substances


  • 3 days – Dangerous goods in packages
  • 5 days – Dangerous goods in packages and tank vehicles
No dates scheduled

Forklift Training – Refresher


This course is designed for employees who have previously passed a practical and theory exam and whose certificate is about to expire. It is also a useful refresher course for anyone who wishes to develop their forklift driving skills. This course covers both reach and counterbalance forklift trucks.


  • Refresh in operator driving skills
  • Carry out and inspection of the forklift truck
  • List the consequences of taking certain kinds of chances
  • Load and unload safely
  • Refuel/recharge forklift trucks
  • Confined space management
No dates scheduled

Forklift Training


This course is designed for employees who have no experience on forklift trucks. Participants will be tested in theory and practical exams as well as understanding Health and Safety Guidelines in the use of Forklift Equipment. This training covers both reach and counterbalance forklift trucks.


  • Introduction to the forklift truck controls and instruments
  • Daily inspections and maintenance
  • Basic Manoeuvring
  • Operation of hydraulic controls
  • Weight assessments and handling loads
  • Manoeuvring in confined spaces / skill test
No dates scheduled

Driver CPC Card 5 Module special June

New professional drivers or those returning to professional driving as a career

You can book our 5 module special to avail of a discounted rate of €50 per module 

Bus modules are 1, 2, 3, 4, & 6 

Truck modules are 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5