Module 1 – Control of the Vehicle and Eco-driving Techniques

Module Objectives

To know the characteristics of the transmission systems, understand the techincal characteristcis and operation of the controls in the vehicle and minimise wear and tear, and the ability to optimise fuel consumption. This module is broken into three sections. Section 1 covers the characteristics of the Transmission System. Section 2 covers the effective use of Safety Controls in busses and trucks and Section 3 covers Optimising fuel consumption.


Section 1:
Curves relating to torque, Power
Consumption of an engine, Optimum use of revolution counter, Gearbox-ratios.
Section 2:
Hyrdraulic Vacuum Cervo Brake, Use of Brakes and retarder
Use of speed and gear ratio, Making use of vehicle inertia, slowging and braking
Action in the event of brake failure
Section 3:
Optimisation of fuel consumption.

Key Learnings from this module

At the end of this training the trainee driver will understand:

  • Curves relating to torque.
  • Performance curves (RPM and Power Output).
  • Vehicle revolution counter, Optimal speed engine range when shifting gears.
  • Gearbox-ratio (according to the data of vehicle manufacturers).
  • Hydraulic Vacuum and Air Brake Servo Circuits.
  • Uses of Brakes and Brake Retarder and their limits and combined use of both.
  • Better use of speed, gear ratio and vehicle inertia when slowing or braking.
  • Action to be taken in the event of enginge/brake failure.
  • Adjust driving behaviour to different driving conditions (route planning, weather etc.).
  • Basic Vehicle checks.