CPC Course Schedule and Delivery

CPC Ireland insists on the highest standards in delivering CPC Courses from the beginning with the best trainers available representing all six modules with qualifications that not only meet but in most cases exceed the RSA’s exceptionally high standards.  Our training rooms, located in probably one of the best training locations in the country are second to none. The Pilo Hotel in Ashbourne, Co. Meath opened its doors only three years ago, it is a four star hotel with a fantastic reputation and is easy to find at the end of the new M2 motorway. We will continue to review our standards in a commitment to our customers to deliver the most up to date, relevant  health and safety information.

Delivery and course times:

As mentioned above our experience delivering CPC  training  gives us an exclusive insight into what people attending our courses enjoy, the day starts at 08.30 and ends at 17.00 approx, our course delivery policy is as follows

08.30-09.00 Registration :

includes tea ,coffee and a brief introduction to each attendee. Payment if not already pre-paid through our credit card/laser facility on line, driver identification and student information including license no., name, address, PPS no etc. We can also assess if at this point in private if some attendees have any learning difficulties and take appropriate action if necessary

09.00-09.15 Ice breaker:

This is where our trainers introduce themselves to the course attendees and one another, run through the ground rules and highlight health and safety aspects such as fire escapes toilet locations etc.

09.15-10.30 Session 1  Part 1:

In this section our trainers work with the drivers and usually will break the class into four groups of  four (16 persons per class)to encourage students to openly discuss course content and discuss the range of questions at the end of each section. We normal use course content from the approved module and use the projector and flip-charts to teach our students in the best ways possible. Some audiovisual aspects may be used but we prefer to use this later in the day. Questions are completed by students and corrected and discussed between trainers and appointed spokespeople from each of the four groups. Students are encouraged at all times to ask questions at any point throughout the day. Each part of the days sessions are ended with a questions and answer section.

10.30-10.45 Break :

This allows student get some air ,have a cigarette, enjoy some complementary tea and biscuits and use the hotels toilet facilities as well as discuss the morning so far amongst themselves.

10.45-13.00  Session 1, Part II:

This section deals with the second half of Session 1 and is taught in much the same way as part I.

13.00-13.30 Lunch:


13.30-15.15 Session 2, Part I:

This is usually a new subject to keep students enthused, normally we would start this session with some audiovisual content which is often welcomed after a good lunch!

15.15-15.30 Break :

15.30-16.45 Session 2, Part 2:

Key Learning’s and questions on this session and all material for the day.

16.45-17.00 Conclusion:

This is where the trainer thanks all attendees, distributes certificates and asks attendees to fill in feedback forms.

All information is later uploaded  for RSA records, all attendees are called one week after the course and asked to evaluate their experience with CPC Ireland.