Benefits of CPC Driver Card qualification?

Both professional drivers and the haulage and transport industries are gaining great benefit from the introduction of Driver CPC in Ireland. Some of these benefits of CPC Driver Card Qualification are:

1. Better, Safer Drivers

Driver CPC means that professional drivers will have better driving skills. Safer and more competent drivers on our roads leads to less casualties and protects the more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists, children and older people.

2. Environmental and Economic Benefits

Reducing fuel consumption by utilising better driving skills will fuel consumption on the average truck/lorry but up to 5%.

3. Hiring Professional Drivers

The drivers’ profession (under the new CPC and RSA regulations) is now a more regulated industry. Quality standards have improved and Drivers are now more skilled, trained and professional road users than ever before as a result of this training.

4. Healthier Drivers

Periodic training facilitates the promotion of healthier lifestyles, better eating habits, recognition of symptoms and effects of fatigue and stress and overall an improvement in the work life balance for drivers.

5. Insurance and Driving Costs

Better trained and more competent drivers have a direct impact on the bottom line of any driving and transport company. Reduced fatalities and a reduction in post trauma care (post-accident) has led to significant savings in insurance premiums.